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8:27 p.m. - 2007-02-04
The tedium of booze
Everybody got boring.
I was out for many beers with a large group of workmates on friday night, amongst them were at least a half dozen that I usually have a bit of a larf with, a bit discussion, a bit debate, y'know?
I was bored to fucking death.
I've a nasty suspicion that my rampant plonkytude has raised my booze tolerance to such a level that others reach the armpits-to-breakfast stage at about the same time that I feel 'slightly merry'. And the problem with drunken conversation is that all participants need to be at the same level of inebriation. This means that I tend to get bored.
Fuck, it may be that the factor that finally slows down my headlong rush towards alcohol dependancy is simple boredom.



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